Shooting Philosophy

As you start the wedding planning process, you may wonder why certain vendors charge what they do and why they’re worth investing in. When it comes to a wedding photographer, our value has to do with so much more than a gallery of photos you receive six to eight weeks after the wedding. Before hiring someone to capture your big day, keep these reasons in mind to help you invest in an experience that’s more than just another vendor.

We will be spending a lot of time together, so you should like my personality as much as you like my photos. Let’s hang out, make sure we click, grab a coffee or beer, and just shoot the shit about anything and everything!

Okay, so you absolutely love me, but do you trust me (like Jasmine trusts Aladdin on their magic carpet ride)? I’m not just talking about showing up on time and doing my job. Do you trust in my process and my eight years of experience? Not only will I photograph all those important, well-thought-out details, but I’ll also catch the ring bearer picking his nose and all those other in-between moments that go unseen and will end up mattering most. I promise a smooth and extraordinary ride, but you gotta trust me.

Hand and hand with trust comes connection, and the one with your photographer is unparalleled. I’ll be alongside you all day, so the more connected we are, the more raw, intimate, and magical the photos will be. Trust the process.

This goes way beyond your wedding day. What a photographer does for their client (that’s you!) is really twofold: there’s the experience they create leading up to and on your wedding day, and then there are the images they deliver when all is said and done. With the exception of a few iPhone photos your friends and family take during the day, your wedding photographer’s
images are all that you have to remember your wedding by. No matter how much you spend on flowers, food, or fabulous reception chairs, the one sustainable thing you get to keep is your photos.